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 Math Refreshers (math 0055) are usually offered in a one week format and are designed to help students "brush up" on their math skills and take the TSI exam with confidence. Students will work with a personalized computer program named ALEKS and have an instructor present  to assist them in comprehending topics that the students may find difficult. We also offer this course on the Internet. Students who choose the Internet course will work on their own without an instructor. If you are an Internet student, make sure you know your online instructors name. When you come to the campus for testing, the testing area personnel, need this.  

Summer 2018 CRN MATH 0055 Sections




11566 009




126 Pina 3/19/3/22 Online
006 Roell 4/2-4/7 5pm-9pm
110 Chavera 4/2-4/7 Online





Spring 2018
127 Nayanakara 2/26-3/1 Online

Incoming (new) Students: Once completing your TSI exam, go to the Assessment Center Advisors in the Fletcher Building - FAC room 105 or call the SAC Math department 486-0270.
Current students: May register by calling the SAC Math department during weekly business hours. Students cannot register online for the Math Refreshers.
Math Refresher Students: 
  * Once you are registered, you must complete the initial Knowledge Assessment by the end of day one.
  * Read all emails, announcements, messages from your instructor. in ALEKS or CANVAS.
  * If you cannot attend the final exam make arrangements to retake the TSI in FAC 112.
  * Unblock Pop-Ups in your browser using Firefox.
  * Refresher online final exam will be administered in MCCH 121 Thursdays 9am-4pm....bring a photo ID.

Math Refresher Contact: 

Said Fariabi
Please email me any questions at: or call 210-486-0270
Visit the Math Department SAC McCrelees Hall RM 221 M-F 8am-5pm.